marco baringer

a codesmith

I write software so that you can spend more time doing what you really want to be doing. While I do lots of different things, there are certain areas that I'm more skilled in and have more experience with:

web "stuff"

the web is a great way to get lots of people involved. i've built websites using everything from php (wordpress), to java to ruby to perl to lisp, i can help you put up a web site, fixup an existing one, or even build a fancy web 2.0 html 5 css 3 responsive scalable community (and i'm only half joking about that).

lisp "stuff"

common lisp programming; emacs customizations; if you know what this is then i don't need to say anything else, if you don't know what this is then you don't need it.

database "stuff"

you have data, but you need information, i make that happen. mainly i use postgresql, but as long as we can query it i'll find my way around.

programming "stuff"

i love coding, i've been doing it for a while now, and i think i'm pretty good at it. if you're using common lisp, perl, javascript, sql (postgres's implementation of it in particular), ruby, C (though it's been a while) or java, i can help.

business "stuff"

helping you figure out how to best use computers and software. from the little things like "how do we share files?" to bigger questions like "should we invest 4 people for 6 months on this redesign?", i've probably had to deal with something similar in the past and would love to share my expertise and experience with you.

More questions? I'm located in Berlin, Germany (though I tend to travel a bit), you could come for coffee (it's not Italy, but good coffee can certainly be found), or just send me an email.